Annual Meeting Winner Project di Lingsar Lombok Barat ( 8/2/2022

Sanitation may be a new thing among people with disabilities. But actually, this sanitation is something they usually do every day because sanitation is attached to the behavior of funds and people’s daily habits. Such as protecting the environment from garbage or how to keep the food we consume in a clean state.

To strengthen this understanding of sanitation, Plan International and LIDI Foundation are working together on several programs until December 2022. This is to continue several programs implemented in 2021 that have not yet been completed. These activities include gender-based inclusion STBM training, STBM triggering, RTL preparation and monitoring.

To facilitate these activities, this February Plan and LIDI immediately carried out several activities at several points from 24 pilot villages in central Lombok and 4 villages in mataram city.

The hope that is desired from this activity is how to make the community more aware of the needs of the disabled regarding sanitation, especially in its accessibility so that people with disabilities are involved in sanitation activities that are often carried out at the village level.

On the other hand, this activity aims to make the village and district governments more concerned with the needs of the disabled and encourage the involvement of the disabled themselves in various activities, especially in budget discussions and decision makers in every program carried out by the village and district.