The government in this case Bappenas again held an annual event to motivate actors or communities engaged in sanitation through the AMPL Award 2022. For this year there are 34 provinces that participated in this AMPL award assessment by raising two categories, namely the regional government category and the community category.

Lidi foundation, which has been involved in various sanitation programs, also represents central Lombok regency through a business unit in its form in 2019, namely the “Pade Angen” business unit engaged in closet pruduction of various types and the completeness of other sanitation facilities such as westabel and others.

Lalu wisnu ketua Lidi Foundation dan Herie Ferdian , Plan International

The advantage of this pade angen business unit is that they specialize in building latrines that are inclusive and can be accessed by everyone, especially people with special needs, both disabled and elderly. On the other hand, this business unit is indeed in the movement by the disabled themselves so as to better understand the type of latrines they will offer to the community.

This year 2022 is the year this sanitation business unit gets their hard work so far because they were selected as one of the recipients of the AMPL Award 2022 held by bapenas. This is certainly an extraordinary achievement that will add to their enthusiasm to continue to develop their business in the field of sanitation.

This sanitation business is indeed a business that is less engaged by the community because it is less promising in terms of increasing income. But with various prodak innovations, the sanitation business run by these disabled people is able to survive until now.

Innovations carried out are certainly very needed considering that latrines are not a basic need of the community. Latrines will only be searched when there are people who build houses of course. But with prodak innovation in the form of making flower fittings and others. This sanitation business can remain successful until now.

Hopefully in the future, relevant parties such as the government can pay more attention to efforts like this to stay afloat through involving them in various programs. Like perkim for example, they certainly need closed when there is house construction. This is because the latrines package package offered by pade angen is worth considering. This is because they offer imported latrines at a very affordable price with unquestionable quality.