Difabel Dari Balik Pagar
Difabel hanya boleh menonton dari balik padang

The 2022 Mandalika GP motorcycle iron horse racing event which was held on March 28-20, 2022 is over. There were many events, from the fall of Team Honda’s flagship champion Marc Marccues to the virality of the rain shaman/handler who was soaked in the rain.

This international event, which is held every year in several countries around the world, can be said to be a success without any serious obstacles. Although there is still a lot of criticism and input from the public through social media, the implementation is quite well-defined.

Spectators from various circles and regions and even the world arrived at the event which was attended directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Joko Widodo and several ministers were seen enjoying the event, both the GP motorcycle race and the event prepared by the West Nusa Tenggara government.

Behind the low noise of this event, the rights of the Disabled are like being neglected and not cared about at all. This can be seen from the pasilitas prepared, none of them can access.

Two wheelchair users, Zulaifi and his friend, could only watch from the top of their wheelchairs behind the parapet because they could not climb into the stands prepared by the committee. Meanwhile, the crew gate, which is average from Lombok, has no empathy for them at all. Meanwhile, some spectators who jumped the fence to climb to the stands were specially prepared for tickets with the grandstand zone they could not afford to do. This is seen in the stands of Gren D and The Gran E Tribune.

Zulafi, who was nailed to the torture without both legs, had to settle for crammed into the crowd with other onlookers watching from behind a parapet that exceeded him. If he wants to see helem racers he must be able to position his body to a place higher than the parapet.

One gate staff in the Gren Area, who did not want to be named, said they had never been given a briefing on the disabled crowd.

“Instead of giving a way to serve the disabled, call the disabled alone is not. We are only equipped with service standards,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Zulaifi, who was contacted by the media, could only smile and accept this condition.

“We deliberately bought tickets without grandstands because we knew that no stands had access with disabilities. Unlike the time of the WSBK event yesterday which prepared a Tribune that can be accessed by the Disabled” he explained.

“It seems that the organizers need to be reminded related to the rights of people with disabilities in public such as Law No. 19 of 2011. Let alone the Stands, the bathroom alone has absolutely no access to the disabled. This seems like they (Panita) want to say that we people with disabilities are not entitled to watch a show like this” he continued.